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Why Massage?

Making an investment in your health is an invaluable way to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Whether experiencing painful headaches or suffering from chronic pain, seeking relief from stress, or in need of injury relief, massage therapy is one of the best contributors to a healthy life and future.

Many people today are faced with physical and mental obstacles preventing them from reaching full potential in their everyday lives.  Whether an overload of stress, pain suffered from years of repetitive strain, or complications of an injury, massage sessions can help remedy those obstacles.  Taking time out of your very busy life is one step you can make in commitment to your overall wellness.

What do we live for, if not to make the world less difficult for each other? - George Eliot

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BiogĂ©nie Body Contouring & Non-surgical Face-lift

Lift, Tone, Define

Harnessing the power of Cellular Electro-Aesthetics Biogenie Body treatments deliver detoxifying micro-currents directly to cellular fluids and fat cells. Fats are emulsified, pumped out, and magnetically driven to the lymphatic system where it is filtered and permanently eliminated through natural means. Thus both the aqueous and fatty origins of cellulite are dealt with make the Biogenie Body Contouring System your best long term solution to minimizing volume, fluid retention, and cellulite in or to lift, contour and define you silhouette.

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A Touch of Napa is pleased to recommend Laura Samford for your personal massage therapist.  Laura has completed training in Napa Valley, CA, and worked under Dr. Daniel Andrews, Dr. of Cardiology and owner of the Napa Valley School of Massage in July 2012.  Laura completed a course in Health Culture and passed the examinations in the Art of Restorative Massage, Medical Gymnastics, Hydrotherapy, Hygiene and the Underlying Principles of Anatomy and Physiology.  This comes after an additional six months of study at another massage therapy school.  While in Napa Valley, Laura worked with patients in two different spas.

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"Wow!  I was so relaxed I fell asleep." -- David, Napa Valley

"I had knots in my hand and it was getting tight.  I knew I was headed for arthritis.  She helped me!  Thanks, Laura!!" -- Richard, Pittsburg

"Laura gave me the perfect massage today.  It was just what I needed." -- Diana, Napa Valley