A Touch of Napa Massage & Wellness Clinic

A Touch of Napa is a part of A Head of Its Time.  

A full service salon offering cuts, color, styling, manicures, pedicures and massage.

What do we live for, if not to make the world less difficult for each other? - George Eliot

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Why Massage?

Making an investment in your health is an invaluable way to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Whether experiencing painful headaches or suffering from chronic pain, seeking relief from stress, or in need of injury relief, massage therapy is one of the best contributors to a healthy life and future.

Many people today are faced with physical and mental obstacles preventing them from reaching full potential in their everyday lives.  Whether an overload of stress, pain suffered from years of repetitive strain, or complications of an injury, massage sessions can help remedy those obstacles.  Taking time out of your very busy life is one step you can make in commitment to your overall wellness.


A Touch of Napa is pleased to recommend Laura Samford for your personal massage therapist.  Laura has completed training in Napa Valley, CA, and worked under Dr. Daniel Andrews, Dr. of Cardiology and owner of the Napa Valley School of Massage in July 2012.  Laura completed a course in Health Culture and passed the examinations in the Art of Restorative Massage, Medical Gymnastics, Hydrotherapy, Hygiene and the Underlying Principles of Anatomy and Physiology.  This comes after an additional six months of study at another massage therapy school.  While in Napa Valley, Laura worked with patients in two different spas.

Get a FREE Massage!

Experience the many benefits of therapeutic massage on a regular basis and save.  For maximum therapeutic results, schedule appointments every two weeks.

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Can be used on any 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions.


"Laura is the best, she cares about people and because of that she can make your worst day a relaxing and calm day.  She knows what she is doing and never wants anyone in pain." -- Elizabeth, Pittsburg

"Very friendly place! Great information on health and beauty! The facility is top notch and very beautiful! Ladies if you haven't gone you're missing out. From working out and getting healthy, getting a stress reliever message or just getting your hair and nails done! Love it!!!" - Trish, Pittsburg

"I really enjoy getting my hair done there. Kelsie is just the best. Laura is such a nice person, really cares about helping people feel better." - Laura, Pittsburg

"If you live in Pittsburg you just shouldn't get a massage anywhere else. Laura is really great. She also gives discounts for 1st responders." - Sharlena

"Great place for an amazing massage!!!" - Kevin, Pittsburg

Wow!  I was so relaxed I fell asleep." -- David, Napa Valley

"The warm stones on my face felt so good I could feel my eyes roll to the back of my head."  -- Craig

"Amazing!! I've had several in town and she is by far one of the best!!" -- Kelsie

"The best spa in Kansas! My wife and I love it!

From massages to manicure/pedicure + It is all you want and need.
Try it you will not regret it!" -- Phillipe

"The hot stone messages are amazing!!! You feel so relaxed when you leave!!! Laura is so professional and you never feel uncomfortable! She is such a sweetie!" -- Trish

"Loved my 90 minute massage today! It was amazing - as always.....just what I needed!" -- Teresa

"I had knots in my hand and it was getting tight.  I knew I was headed for arthritis.  She helped me!  Thanks, Laura!!" -- Richard, Pittsburg

"Laura gave me the perfect massage today.  It was just what I needed."  -- Diana, Napa Valley

"The hot stone massages are amazing!!!  You feel so relaxed when you leave!!!  Laura is so professional and you never feel uncomfortable!  She is such a sweetie!' -- Trish